Monster – das neue Album von Kiss ist fertig

10. Januar 2012 0
Monster – das neue Album von Kiss ist fertig

Wie nun bekannt wurde, sind die Arbeiten von Kiss, am „Sonic Boom„-Nachfolger, bereits früher beendet worden als es geplant war.
Laut Paul Stanley soll die neue Platte, mit dem Namen „Monster“, noch besser sein als der Vorgänger, da die Zusammenarbeit so reibungslos und noch besser lief als beim letzten Album.

Wann „Monster“ erscheint, steht noch in den Sternen. Jedoch wurden sechs Tracknamen und einige Infos zu den einzelnen Tracks von Paul Stanley veröffentlicht.

‘It’s A Long Way Down’

It says that those who reach heights and don’t appreciate them fall mightily — it’s a long way down from the top. It’s a defining track in the sense that it’s very up-tempo and very much a signature song. Eric’s [Singer] drumming is incredible on this.

‘Back To The Stone Age’

One that Gene Simmons sings. It’s exactly what you’d expect it to be from the title. I come from a school where you write a verse, a bridge, a chorus, and then you go back. That’s in my blood. It’s in Motown, it’s in The Beatles, it’s in Led Zepplin, it’s in The Who, its in all my favorite bands.

‘Shout Mercy’

That’s a great track. There’s a lot of tracks that could start the album, and this is one of them. I like to think that the opening song is a declaration of what the album really is, whether it’s a ‚Love Gun‘ or a ‚Detroit Rock City‘. It’s important to start with a song that defines what you’re gonna be getting.

‘Out Of This World’

That’s one of Tommy’s [Thayer, Gitarrist] He really pushed the limits. His playing is phenomenal. It has the kind of excitement that I like to hear where you’re not quite sure if it’s gonna go off the rails or not. That’s what makes great rock n‘ roll.

‘Wall Of Sound’

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here; we’re at our best when we don’t over-think. It’s not a Rubik’s Cube, it’s a song, you know? This one is absolutely, immediately recognisable and identifiable and true to being KISS. I put the blinders on us to keep us from being derailed or the attention span broken by things going on around us.

‘Hell Or Hallelujah’

Another up-tempo song, and it’s very definitive. That’s what I think is so great about this album: every track is quintessential. No one does it better — and many have tried. When we hit the bulls-eye, we hit it full on. We’ve cut 14 tracks. How many we’ll use or how this will play out will be interesting, but there’s no filler.


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