Trivium und Drummer Nick Augusto gehen getrennte Wege

8. Mai 2014 1
Trivium und Drummer Nick Augusto gehen getrennte Wege

Trivium gaben heute bekannt, dass die Band sich mit sofortiger Wirkung von Schlagzeuger Nick Augusto trennt. Die Entscheidung wurde jedoch bereits am Sonntag bei einem Treffen der Bandmitglieder Matt Heafy, Corey Beaulieu und Paolo Gregoletto beschlossen.

Grund für die Trennung waren wohl kleinere interne Probleme die sich laut der Band langfristig wohl zu größeren hätten Entwickeln können. Wie man im offiziellen Statment auf der Facebookseite von Trivium lesen kann, wäre es wohl kein einfacher Schritt gewesen. Man hätte sich jedoch im Guten getrennt.

Da sich die Band aktuell auf Tour mit Volbeat befindet könnte man den Zeitpunkt nicht schlechter wählen. Mit Mat Madiro, der bisher als Techniker im Hintergrund fungierte, wurde schnell ein Ersatz gefunden. Da die Zeit zum nächsten Gig sehr knapp war musste der neue Drummer innerhalb von 24 Stunden das gesamte Set erlernen. Anfang Juni werden Trivium auch als Act bei Rock am Ring und Rock im Park vertreten sein. Ob Madiro dann auch für die Band die Drummsticks schwingt ist bisher unbekannt.

Offizielles Statement

To Trivium Fans, Friends and Family:

I had asked everyone to make this statement regarding Nick, personally and on behalf of the band because of the history we both have had together as friends and bandmates. There is no easy way to go about parting ways with someone; whether it’s in a band or not, but if it is coming directly from one of us, I hope that it will be perceived out of our respect for him.

This past Sunday, Matt, Corey, and I decided that it was best to part ways with Nick and to move forward as soon as possible. This decision was not one that we took lightly, given the fact that we are in the midst of a tour, and more importantly, that Nick has been with us for almost 3 and half years.

We spoke face to face for about an hour on the bus – first informing him of our decision to move forward, both discussing the situation and how to precede with announcing it, as well as personally thanking him for being there when we needed him as a tech, and then as drummer. I made both those calls to Nick – I asked him if he would be willing to drop everything and come out and be apart of Trivium at a moments notice and he did without hesitation. On stage we all fit well together – I believe we became a tighter and more unified band because of him. There was not a dramatic ending to this, honestly it was quite muted and I am happy to have been able to speak directly and calmly to one another.

I believe we all agreed that what started out great „off stage“ in the beginning, over time began to fray. It became obvious that things were not going to work out in the long run. We did not want to reach the point where the differences between us became apparent on stage. Being in a band is privilege afforded to us by all of you, and as much as we owe you guys the best show we can possibly give you, we also realize that being out here has to be enjoyable enough for us to continue to do so.

We truly wish nothing but the best for Nick and whatever projects he becomes involved in. We will be rooting for him to succeed. I would like to add that as the one who championed Nick to become our drummer 3 and half years ago, I will be the first person to vouch for him as an incredible drummer and as an immense force and presence on stage. The last show together at Carolina Rebellion was a powerful one, and I am happy to say that we ended our time together on such a high and positive note.

Lastly, I would like to thank our drum tech Mat Madiro for stepping up to the plate and learning our entire set in 24 hours, allowing us to continue this tour without a hitch. We have always tried to treat both band and crew as family, and the support for Mat from our other crew guys has been amazing, thank you all – Eric, Joey, Sam, Jeremy, and Mike! Another HUGE thank you to Volbeat and their crew for giving us their entire sound check at the Niagara Falls show to allow us to run through the set with Mat. They have been a great band to tour with and this act only further solidified to us what stand up guys they are on and off stage.

Nick, thank you once again for the hard work with us, we will always be grateful for the time we spent together with you on the road and in the studio.

Thank you all for your support and understanding.


Paolo Gregoletto


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