Green Day spielten Geheimkonzert in Oakland

26. September 2011 0
Green Day spielten Geheimkonzert in Oakland

Wie jetzt bekannt wurde, spielte Green Day am 22.11.2011 bei 1-2-3-4 Go! Records in Oakland ein sehr intimes Geheimkonzert.

Erst kurz vorher wurde dieser Termin beim Fanclub der Band veröffentlicht. 20 Mitglieder des Fanclubs hatten die Möglichkeit das Konzert zu besuchen. Neben den Fanclub-Membern waren wohl sonst nur Freunde und Verwandte der Band anwesend.

In der ersten Stunde des Konzertes spielte Green Day neue Songs wie „Carpe Diem“, „Let Yourself Go“, „Sweet 16“ und „Wild One“. Als Zugabe gab es später dann einige bekannte Songs wie „Welcome To Paradise“, „American Idiot“ und „St. Jimmy“.

Einen kleinen Bericht des Konzertes gibts hier:

„Billie Joe told me and this other guy that him and his son spent days building the stage and the lighting, and they hope the place holds regular shows. What a cool dude he is.

The show started at 9:40, and they appeared without makeup or any fancy clothing. …

The first hour of the show consisted of mostly new songs. Some titles were „Carpe Diem“, „Let Yourself Go“ (which Billie Joe told us was a song about letting yourself go), „Sweet 16“ and „Wild One“.

The crowd was great, lots of moshing in the middle, but no violence. The guys played as if there were 60,000 people in the audience instead of just 160. It was steaming hot in there, though, everyone was drenched in sweat. Tre’s face was beet red and Billie Joe’s eyes were bloodshot at the end.

The last 45 minutes were oldies and some of their hits, including „Welcome To Paradise“, „American Idiot“ and ending with „St. Jimmy“, which had everyone going wild. Billie Joe smashed his guitar against the wall and tossed the broken pieces into the crowd. Mike Dirnt handed me his guitar pick.“


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